HIADA Policies and Disclaimer

Use of Name, Logo, Seal, Shield, Insignia and Related Items

The Houston Independent Automobile Dealer's Association regulates the use of its name, including abbreviations such as HIADA, H.I.A.D.A, Seal, Logo and Shield hereafter referred to as Related Insignia to ensure that such use is related to the Association's missions and promotes its objective of promoting fair trade and well being of the used car industry.

Name and Related Insignia for Use by Members Only

Association names and insignia may only be used by current members and only in conjunction with advertising the member's dealership, vehicle inventory or products and services.

Name and Related Insignia May Not be Used for Solicitation of Any Type Without Specific Written Approval

Association names and insignia may not be used in connection with solicitation of any type unless specifically approved and in advance by the current Board of Directors or President. Members that want to use the Association Names in connection with any activity other than for advertising the member's dealership must obtain approval from the Secretary of the Association before proceeding. Request to use such name shall first be presented in writing and with supporting information and to the Executive Director. Such request shall be forwarded to the Association Secretary for Review and Board Approval. The Secretary may either disapprove or approve the proposed use with our without conditions.

Opinions and Legal Advice

Although the comments and opinions expressed in this website are intended as true, such comments and opinions shall not be considered as substitute for competent legal advice by an Attorney, Certified Public Accountant or Professional Advisor. It should be clearly understood that while many issues discussed in this website are about legal matters, they do not constitute the practice of law and should not be perceived as such. Laws, Tax Reporting Requirements, Legal Forms, Tax Forms and Related Documents may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Likewise, interpretations may vary by different courts and jurisdictions.


HIADA disclaims all liability of any kind arising from the use of, or misuse, of the information contained and referenced herein and does not accept responsibility for accuracy or any errors or omissions.