Member Benefits


Join TIADA and Automatically Be A Member of HIADA & NIADA! 

10 Reasons on Why You Should Join


Monthly Meetings:

1. HIADA meetings play a key role in keeping members updated on hot button topics and policies that impact the used car industry and the greater Houston area.

2. In addition to staying informed, meet and confer with industry best practices leaders and compliance and legal experts in a small venue setting.

3. Expand your network and share valuable information with peers.

Legal Consultation:

4. Have legal questions? Consult with the HIADA|TIADA attorney's about how to stay compliant and what are your legal rights in this ever changing industry and economy.


5. Taught by industry leaders and experts, workshop attendees are able to learn, participate, and gain the necessary knowledge needed to increase profits and stay in compliance.

6. Workshop curriculum and presentation material provide a clear and concise interpretation on topics like, government regulations, the financial marketplace and lending practices, collection practices, insurance practices, and much, much more.

7. Receive advance notice and reduced pricing on all workshops.


8. Receive HUGE discounts from Texas auctions with the TIADA Auction Discount Card.

9. Members receive exclusive privileges and offers from auction houses and market place providers.

10. HIADA members can run cars through our designated auction lane at ADESA & Manheim Big H for flat sales fees, CR reports included and more! More details here!


So there you go. Ten reasons to join HIADA and any one of them can and probably will play a role in making you and your dealership more successful and you better informed. JOIN NOW!